The multimedia case of the month

Fabric Softeners – Increasing revenue through category development

In this edition it is our pleasure to present an interactive single-player simulation for the area of Marketing. Fabric Softeners – Increasing revenue through category development, positions the student as a consultant working on a project for a consumer goods giant. The client has a limited budget and needs to know in which countries they should focus their attention for the launch of a new fabric softener product.

This simulation presents a real life situation of how to use market research in a business context; in the specific case of revenue growth through an increase in consumption. Through an interactive interface students will review the market research methodologies, analyze key qualitative insights and quantitative data; and more importantly experience first-hand the decision making process behind market research. All this in the context of evolving the Fabric Softener category in a number of developing countries (Mexico, Russia, Poland, Hungary, and The Philippines, among others). By working through this case study, students will learn about market research and at the same time have the opportunity to put into practice their knowledge. They will understand how to use the information obtained from the research to guide investment choices, both in terms of selection of countries as well as specific marketing and promotional activities.

You can view the multimedia case here and if you are interested in using it in your courses you can include it using the code: MK1-157-I-M. In order to receive a copy of the Teaching Note or if you would like any further information, please get in touch through Remember that you can access all multimedia materials through