Laura Maguire from the Human Resources Area has written with Jesús Romero Trillo, adjunct professor of  English philology in the Autonoma University  of  Madrid,  a new article from her doctoral thesis entitled “Adaptive context: The Fourth Element of Meaning”  that will be published in the  International Review of  Pragmatics magazine.


Barry Goldman is just completing a book: Goldman, B., & Shapiro, D. (In Press). The Psychology of Negotiations in the 21st Century Workplace (a volume in the SIOP Organizational Frontier series). New York, NY: Psychology Press/Routledge.   It is part of the prestigious SIOP Frontiers Series of seminal books in psychology. This series is noted for…



Dear professors,

The IE Business School has begun to form part of the  Madroño Consortium of  Universities of the Community of  Madrid and UNED for Library Cooperation. The main objective of this strategic alliance is to improve the quality of research library services through Pasaporte Madroño and  Maleta viajera.

In the coming days we will send an email with more details.

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