Newsletter December 2015


Dear Professors,

We finish this 2015 with the important invitation for graduation ceremonies as every December, which will be held on Friday December 18th. Please, try to attend at least to the ceremony of the programs in which you have participated. Students are happy with the presence of their professors and they very much appreciate this gesture on your part.

And with an eye on 2016, we present the Faculty Development Program for the academic year 2015-2016. We invite you to take a look and register on the activities of your interest.

Among the cultural sessions we emphasize the plan of “Masterpieces of the Museo del Prado”, which will be possible thanks to the institutional support provided by the IE Foundation to the Friends of the Prado Museum Foundation. Also we would like to inform you that as part of the IE community, professors can enjoy of a 40% discount to be Friends of the Prado Museum, and access to all the benefits. You can see all the information of this particular proposal at

We also draw your attention to the Alumni magazine, IDEAS, whose director, Julia Sanchez, invites you to contribute with.  The magazine reaches the vast community of alumni and current students’ needs. The next issue will be mainly focused on Smart Cities.  If you want help with this issue or futures, you will find here how.

We would like to congratulate our professors Miguel Rosique, Guillermo Haro and Juan Enrique Flores, by the awards in the 2014-2015 Case Writing Competition.  Also, we would like to share the two new doctors in the cloister: Javier Roza Manzano and Jesus Garcia Soria. Congratulations to them.

As always, the multimedia case of the month, the latest trend of technology will be present in this case, on big data; news from our professors, as is the presentation of the book by Professor Miguel Rosique; Library news; and quarterly summary of the activities in the Career Department.

It remains only to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and a wonderful start of 2016 we glimpse full of exciting projects for all members of the IE community.

All the best,

Daisy Escobar

Adriana Murlá

Beatriz Díaz

Cristina Guerrero


Ideas Magazine, Participation of Faculty

Dear Faculty,

We wanted to share with you our Alumni Magazine, Ideas. We publish the magazine 3 times per year in print. Each issue focuses on a different core topic. In this issue, we have featured several articles on Geopolitics from our wonderful faculty across our network of schools. The next edition, in February 2016, will focus on Smart Cities. If you wish to contribute content for upcoming publications, please contact Virginia Rios at We encourage and welcome your collaboration as our Alumni love to learn from the insight and knowledge of our outstanding faculty!


Graduation Ceremonies

Dear colleagues:

As attached, please, find invitations for the three graduation ceremonies that will be held on December 18th. The Graduations venue will be the Auditorio Norte de IFEMA (morning and afternoon). We would like count on your attendance, as this is particularly appealing for your students. Please, make your best to attend the graduation ceremonies of the programs in which you have participated.