Newsletter February 2016


Dear Professors,

In this newsletter we are pleased to inform you already have at your disposal the new version of IE APP My Library Account, which will enable you to access at any time to the IE virtual library (24 hours 365 days a year)

We also share with you:

  • The multimedia case of the month “fabric softeners” written by Jaime Veiga, professor of Marketing. We hope it will be of your interest.
  • The IE Social Innovation Map in which all social initiatives that are carried out in the IE are collected. We maintain our social commitment
  • The invitation to dinner celebration of International Women’s Day (March 8), organized by the IE Women in Business Club.
  • The new issue of the magazine Alumni, IDEAS 
  • The usual news of Library and Career 

Finally, and this also counts, the IE Faculty Band “Random Error” is looking for a drummer. So we invite all who have the skills of a Ringo Starr, or Rick Allen (welcome too, of course, Lars Ulrich), to share with our group of musicians professors. Thank you very much and have a Happy Spring!



Daisy Escobar

Adriana Murlá

Beatriz Díaz

Cristina Guerrero

English Newsletter


The multimedia case of the month

Fabric Softeners – Increasing revenue through category development

In this edition it is our pleasure to present an interactive single-player simulation for the area of Marketing. Fabric Softeners – Increasing revenue through category development, positions the student as a consultant working on a project for a consumer goods giant. The client has a limited budget and needs to know in which countries they should focus their attention for the launch of a new fabric softener product.


Ideas Magazine

The IE Alumni magazine, Ideas is out!
Ricard Frigola, professor at the IE School of Architecture and Design, provides a general introduction to the central theme of this issue, smart cities, which is then developed by experts on the subject. We talk about the sustainability of smart cities, the role of citizens, the report from the Center for Innovation in the Public Sector of PwC and IE Business School, the model for lean cities, and the challenges faced by this new urban mindset.